Friday, September 18, 2009


Solitude is "the furnace of transformation". - Henri Nouwen

"As soon as you are really alone you are with God." - Thomas Merton

"It is easier to read about solitude than to practice it". - David Douglas

I wish I was good at solitude, but the fact is just hard. Sometimes the thought of becoming a hermit (an "eremites": an inhabiter of an uninhabited land - slight paradox) seems so appealing because many of the distractions of society are removed.

But Jesus found solitude in the midst of his disciples and ministry (friends and work) and so should I.

Thats all.


Mike said...

Solitude is when you are in the bathroom and all is quiet, and then you blast a really righteous poop out of you- Stephen Baldwin

vanya said...

My child, if you want to live amongst people, (that is not living in solitude) you must watch the following: do not criticize anyone at all; do not ridicule anyone; do not become angry; do not despise anyone. Be very careful not to say "so-and-so lives virtuously," or "so-and-so lives immorally," because this is exactly what "judge not" means. Look at everyone in the same way, with the same disposition, the same thought, with a simple heart. Accept them as you would accept Christ. Do not open your ears to a person who judges.
~ St. Nephon